The Mystical Art of Magic
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  Kenneth Reihl also known as the Amazing Kenneth has been performing magic for the entertainment of families for the past 19 years.  He is a dedicated member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Magicans' Alliance of Eastern States striving to give his best to family entertainment and to share with others his love for this wonderful art.

Today we are called Magicians or Illusionists and in older times, Wizards but 
If you have any questions with setting up a party for your child or any other upcoming event and need advise or just to ask a question about magic, please feel free to call 555 555 5555 or if you would like to e-mail Kenneth you may do so at here to add text.
reguardless of, what we are of what we are called our goals are the same, to amaze and entertain the audience's minds whether young or old.

The Amazing Kenneth specializes in family entertainment.  He compliments all his performances by directly interacting with his audience, using live pets, puppets and by handing out small presents to his young audience.  Bringing joy to children's faces is what moves him and makes this all worthwhile.

His web site is designed to be a safe haven for children and is reflected in the site awards that have been issued to this site as being a family safe.  Keeping his own children in mind, he strives to provide a safe site for children of all ages.  In today's world and with the wrong sites out there, it is time that we all take a stance ans give our children safe places for some good old fashion entertainment.

The Amazing Kenneth is also available for after school pregrams, summer programs, balloon art for festivals, church fuctions, private lessions and many other events.  One of his favorite quotes, "Magic can be found inside each and everyone of us."  This is a clear welcome to all who are open to the  experience.

So, what are you waiting for?
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